Pia Besmonte

is back

“If I wanted to find meaning again, I had to stop using the chronicles of my past to inform the future.”

– Leandra Medine, Monocycle ep. 58


Monday jolts.

And I have to prepare for my talks.

I didn’t want to look for post-truth literature anymore, but found these bizarre gems:

Cannot unsee.

Marginal Improvement, by a Yarnbomber

I watched Stephen Duneier’s TEDx talk, “How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals”. His idea of marginal improvement is inspiring me to try (learning) new things intensively again.

Marginal Improvement and Creatives

He also wrote this:

I believe it is possible to stay true to your vision, to maintain pure, beautiful goals while making money, yes, even a lot of money. Why should a fiber artist be ashamed to make millions, but someone who hasn’t contributed an original thought in his life isn’t? Why should a painter or a writer work for free, while the new CEO of a company that has existed for 100 years doesn’t?

-Stephen Duneier

A guy who says he couldn’t concentrate for more than 5-10 minutes has achieved great success in academics, business, and life with small, doable optimization. And he knits pussy hats.

Some more inspiration for this week’s talks

I’m reading and (probably) including the following in my speaking engagements:

My schedule this week

I have a full week ahead:

janina gif marginal improvement

The last talk I gave was for the PAEF-Fulbright scholars’ Pre-departure Orientation in May. My research skills have become rusty, but I am excited to share my insights with my fellow literature majors on Wednesday.

Once again: mike check.